Sweet Sunshine

EDM prodigy Arc North returns with ‘Sweet Sunshine’

At only 21 old, Swedish-born Oscar Christiansson, better known to 300,000 monthly listeners as Arc North, has distilled his chilled Stockholm upbringing into a one-man production machine. Christiansson’s 2019 will be even bigger as his next single ‘Sweet Sunshine’ paves the way for a year stacked with new releases.

The track is the culmination of the skills he’s been honing for the past two years; the synths dance in and out of earshot, the bass drum kicks hard and heavy, and the melody sinks in your head right from the first listen. Embracing the dark winters Sweden is known for, Sweet Sunshine offers a light in the cloudy haze, showing you the sunlight bursting through the clouds that’s been eagerly waiting for the storm to pass.

Living proof that the sounds of the north are as exotic and invigorating as any tropically tinged EDM out there, Christiansson is focused on showcasing his own unique northern flair. He’s even found his way onto the radar of tastemakers; his 2018 release ‘Raging’ was placed onto the prestigious mint playlist, where the track stood with EDM giants like Marshmello and .

The single ‘Sweet Sunshine’ not only marks a new era for Arc North, but also for Frequency– the Dutch record label who have been pivotal in Christianson’s success. Frequency believed in him from the start, and were pivotal in propelling his tracks ‘Meant To Be’ and ‘Never Gonna’ to over 16 million streams on their YouTube channel. His releases remain the top hits for the label to date. 2019 also marks a change for Frequency, bringing in a new look and a new outlook as a label. Sweet Sunshine is spearheading this change, being the forerunner for a catalogue of releases planned under Frequency in the next year.

In the face of his growing success, Christiansson remains noticeably humble. He works on frequent collaborations with fans, and occasionally even hosts his own radio show to showcase what’s fuelling his creativity. Although his fanbase is evergrowing, his resolve and passion remains unchanged. makes music for music’s sake, and it’s this mentality that is sure to make him a producer to watch in 2019. Buy/stream it here.

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