Swedish collective NEIKED released the video for “Lifestyle”

Stockholm collective NEIKED have released the video for “Lifestyle,” a brand new single from their forthcoming debut album: Best Of Hard Drive. The track is an upbeat offering that features up-and-coming Swedish vocalist, Husky, as her voice glides sweetly atop ’s and seemingly effortless production, creating an incredibly cute and catchy tune. It comes on the heels of a string of killer singles including the Miriam Bryant collaboration “How Did I Find You” and assisted “Old School Love”.

was founded by successful songwriter Victor Rådström who put together a collective of rising Swedish artists, producers, writers & vocalists, cultivating an independent and creative zone to make and release music they enjoyed. From humble basement production sessions to securing a top 10 song in 10 countries with breakout hit, “Sexual,” NEIKED is showing no signs of slowing down. Equal parts mainstream and DIY, Victor and friends continue to create some of the most uniquely infectious, genre-bending indie pop tunes of the past few years. Buy/stream it here.

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