Rebeca Ark Interview: Exclusive talk with the Madrid-based Techno Producer

Rebeca Ark is a Techno DJ and producer based in Madrid, Spain. She is defined by her own unique style full of quality, emotion and energy. With only a few months of experience, she started her first residency in 2010/11 working as part of the “Fete Discoteque” team. During her time there, she was one of the most demanded djs in the valencian community. 

Throughout her career she has played in many prestigious club sand festivals around Europe. Now she holds a DJ residency at SANPAPA CLUB in Madrid and has lots of new music going to be released in very important labels. Fresh off her latest “Impetuous EP” on Tautel Label, Viralbpm sat down with the Spanish Techno talent to talk about her latest tracks, upcoming productions, Black Leather concept, future goals and events. Read our exclusive Rebeca Ark interview below: 

V1. How did you make your first moves into the music industry? What has changed over the last 5 to 10 years?

Rebeca Ark: I did it in Valencia, specifically in Castellón where I had my first residence at Fete Discoteque of which I hold great memories. The music industry has changed and keeps doing it, now you see at underground clubs commercial music styles that weren’t there before. I think that house, tech and techno are coming back step by step to the clubs and the truth is that the audience has always followed these styles.

V2. What do you love about performing in so many different clubs and stages?

Rebeca Ark: What I like the most it’s to meet new people of the industry and what you learn from audience which is always very different from country to country.

V3. Any funny or unique story from your live performances you could share with us? Any particular club or crowd in a particular country/city that stands out?

Rebeca Ark: A funny story? Once I played in Tánger, they’re very grateful there, and when I get to the club the whole crew made a passageway and they were wearing forehead flashlights and they start clapping at me. I was dying of embarrassment, I didn’t know where to hide. A particular crowd? That very same from that club, when I started playing the dance floor was full and it was all flashlight from cameras, no one danced but for an hour and a half (which was what my set lasted) the mobile phones and the dance floor kept lightning.

V4. You are now holding a DJ residency at SANPAPA CLUB. How did this deal happen and what makes that place so special?

Rebeca Ark: This is my fourth season as resident. It started because they were looking for a woman DJ and some friends that we had in common from Castellón put us in contact and until today. Sanpapa club is a party with a familiar atmosphere, the people who come is a very varied audience felling like partying and listening to good music.

V5. You have also created your new concept of party “Black Leather”. Tell us more about it.

Rebeca Ark: Yes, it’s my project for 2019 in Madrid. We want to encourage and support the concept of clubbing. 

From this party, and as a vindication, we want not only the 15% of the line-up to be women but in this event every DJ woman with quality music to have her space. 

On our first edition we had Juliet Fox and on the second we will have Nolah, Taia, Marien Novi, Anni Frost and me.

V6. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations in 2019 you can already reveal to us? Maybe some small hints?

Rebeca Ark: On 4th of March, I released the “Impetuous EP” on Tautel Label from Belgrado and on it I have the collaboration of Gonçalo and Tkno. I am also scheduling the release of another EP on OneSun Records.

V8. What tools, instruments or programs do you use for recording and playing music?

Rebeca Ark: To play I put all the track on Recordbox and to produce I use Ableton, I like to experiment with new sounds using analogical instruments although I also use digital synths as Arturia CS-80 V3.

V9. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work or perform together for a set?

Rebeca Ark: Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best! Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

V9. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work or perform together for a set?

Rebeca Ark: I would like to send greeting to all viralbpm readership, I hope you liked the interview and you get to know me a little more.

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