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Live footage, reports, exclusive coverage and a huge variety of unreleased and recorded IDs. Viralbpm will get you covered about every important announcement being made by record labels and artists during the most popular events and concerts in the whole world. Since the early 1900s there have been music festivals that featured electronic instruments, as electronic sounds were used in experimental music such as electroacoustic and tape music. The use of live electronic music greatly expanded in the 1950s, along with the use of electric guitar and bass. With the advent of new technologies in the 1960s, electronic genres such as electronic rock, electronic jazz, disco, computer music, synthpop, psychedelic rock and ambient music followed, with large free festivals showcasing the sounds into the 1970s. There has been a significant change in the capabilities of amplifiers, sequencers, and mixing synthesizers since 1980, as well as computers and digital audio workstations. This has given electronic musicians and DJs the ability to mix elaborate and complicated music in forms such as techno, electronica, trap, trance, house, and industrial, all of which have large festivals, raves, technoparades, algoraves, doofs, or teknivals in their sole dedication.

ADE 2018

Martin Garrix drops the solo track ‘Access’

Before STMPD RCRDS last free track of the ADE 2018 week. After ‘Breath‘ with Blinders, ‘Yottabyte‘ and ‘Latency‘ with Dyro, Martin Garrix drops the solo track ‘Access’.  Premiered during his set at the Ultra

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