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Enhanced Music

Enhanced Music is an independent, UK-based electronic dance music record label founded by Will Holland and co-owned by Austin, Texas-based DJ/production duo Tritonal. Operating under the motto “Music Sounds Better When It’s Enhanced,” the label is home to artists in the EDM, trance and progressive genres such as Tritonal, Estiva, Lange, Aruna, Juventa and was the label which discovered and developed artists such as Arty and Audien. To date, Enhanced’s output includes over 1100 releases, including over 800 singles and EP’s, 25 full-length albums and hundreds of digital compilations.

Moreover, on April 16, 2013, Austin-based DJ and production duo Tritonal (Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed) announced via social media that they would be joining Will Holland as co-owners and directors of the label. Tritonal have partnered with Enhanced for the majority of their musical releases, the first being their “Somnium” EP in 2008. In 2010 they formed the sub-label Air Up There Recordings, which has released tracks by Super8 & Tab, Ben Gold, Juventa, Ilan Bluestone, Norin & Rad and more.

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