Belgian rising star Henri PFR defies gravity with a Atomium Livestream of epic proportions

Charismatic and vivacious, are just a couple of words to describe the phenomenal, rising Belgian talent, Henri PFR. At the mere age of 24, the young DJ/Producer is taking strides to redefine the electro scene. After skyrocketing his name into the spotlight, Henri now sits on the esteemed rooster of Spinnin’ Records’ artists. Kicking off his journey at the acclaimed dance label with a bang, is hosting a Atomium Livestream that only the courageous would dare to do.

Atomium Livestream

At the colossal height of 102M off of the ground, will perform a one-of-a-kind DJ set, which is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Defying boundaries and displaying a unique serving of nerve, Henri will host his set for 60 minutes perched above one of Belgium’s most symbolic buildings, the Atomium. During one of the strangest eras of our lifetime, the Belgian DJ/Producer strived to gather his fans and music lovers around the globe, to witness the craziest DJ set ever performed. 

The extravagant production involves 5 fixed cameras, 1 helicopter, 2 drones and 2 mobile cameras, all to capture the spectacular event and send a Livestream worldwide. It’s safe to say that is an artist who radiates true showmanship capabilities and is set to take the EDM scene by storm. Tune into the Livestream now

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