Yves V united with Sesa and Pollyanna to bring some Spring heat on ‘Alone Again’

is a diamond, platinum and gold-awarded producer having worked with huge names such as Scooter, DJ Otzi, and across remixes for the likes of and , as on ‘Alone Again' both producers set the standard of brilliance for Spring 2021. Taking on a darker, essence that resonates with reverberations and tip-toeing keys to introduce the melody, PollyAnna's “I'll be dancing on my own again/ Now I'm finally alone again” topline soars with a unique tone. Come to the chorus, the BPM spirals back up to bring together super-catchy elements of stuttering beats and vibrations that pack a punch.

PollyAnna is a respected vocalist having previously adding her stamp on tracks with , Timmy Trumpet, and more, flying the flag for her native Netherlands as a nation that breeds so much dance-related talent, she is standing out and flying with the force of a supernova.

Make sure you get your hands on ‘Alone Again' from Yves V and SESA featuring PollyAnna, coming this April to Spinnin' Records!

Download and stream it now: https://spinninrecords.com/releases/alone-again-feat-pollyanna?

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