Matisse & Sadko release ‘Melodicca’ as a free download

The Russian Big Room and Progressive duo Matisse & Sadko ended 2018 by giving away as a free download their “Melodicca“. While it was first premiered on Eric Prydz‘s podcast in 2015, the brothers have kept it under lock and key. Until December 28th, 2018.

The release date was firstly announced via a Twitter video. Only forty seconds long, the video itself was very minimal with a picture of a man rotates back and forth as the camera zooms in and out.

Dear friends! We’d like to tell you a little but wonderful story about this track. Few people know that it had been made at the end of 2008 long before the official of project. A friend of ours heard the track and said: “Why don’t you send it to Eric Prydz? This is his style!” We just laughed at him and paid no attention to his idea asserting he was nuts. But eventually our friend sent the track to Eric from his own e-mail behind our backs!“, Matisse & Sadko posted on their Facebook account, explaining the story behind “Melodicca”.  

Six later, one day we were chilling at home when our friend called us and shouted: “Guys, Eric Prydz is playing your Melodicca right now on Beats 1 Radio!” To say it was surprising is to say nothing! Being supported by your idol after all those years was absolutely insane! Such moments do keep us going and make us believe in ourselves. Today we’d like to give you a little present. You can download Melodicca for free.

Now, listen to their magnificent track below or download it for free here.

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