Break Your Heart

Newcomers AUTOM make their debut on Roxane Music with “Break Your Heart”

Musical boundaries are being built and rebuilt, broken and re-broken. In an attempt to apply such an evolutionary process by combining their musical diversities, Thodoris Arampatzis (Sleepin Pillow), Paris Vasileiadis (Sleepin Pillow), Alex Archodis (Giannis Aggelakas, In Denial) and Kostas Evangelou (Solar Music Library) formed the band AUTOM and make their debut on Roxane Music with their first single and official of “Break Your Heart“.

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, the four musicians started this new project, in order to mix their different approach and taste in music, producing something groovy, new and unique. ‘s genre balances between a blend of indie rock and pop sounds, dressed in electronic vibes and atmospheric landscapes.

Their debut single “Break Your Heart” is just a small hint of what to expect someone from their first ever album titled “Leaving, Lost and Never Found”. “For sure though, you will find here or somewhere on the road“, AUTOM say. 

Listen to “Break Your Heart” below or buy/stream it here and tell us also your thoughts in the comments.

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