'Amethyst' by Tobirush, Falco & Freaky Flavour

‘Amethyst’ by Tobirush, Falco & Freaky Flavour

Brazilian label Glorie Records drops a magnificent new track. It’s a collaboration between Tobirush, Falco & Freaky Flavour, titled ‘Amethyst‘. With vintage style but fresh sound, playful, ‘Amethyst‘ pleases the listener from its beginning to its end.

Glorie’s bosses, Vee Brondi, and Fred Blanck, continue to enroll new talented producers with unique style and ideas to build a new electronic dance community. That’s something that ‘Amethyst’ proves. Following many such discoveries, Tobirush, Falco & Freaky Flavour collab follows various powerful tracks. Among them, David Mars’ “Your Love”,  Zain Conor‘s debut release “Red Night”, an emotive progressive house with a wonderful piano and breathtaking energy!

Moreover, some of Glorie‘s previous releases that Viralbpm distinguished last year, include “Tempus” by Pontifexx, “Jakarta” crafted by its boss Vee Brondi with the Russian talent MYID and “Nagooda” by Russian MiSHKA. In 2018, Vee Brondi and  also presented “Resurrection”, “Totem“ by the Spanish producer Aitor MV, while the last release of 2017 was “Only Way is House” by the respected producer AL Sharif and his friend BWSR.

Glorie Records’ latest installment by Tobirush, Falco & Freaky Flavour is another must have track. Listen to it below or stream/buy it here.

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