Klahr returns with ‘Falling In Love’

Approved already by AxwellKlahr returns to with the new single ‘Falling In Love’, following his previous Axtone release ‘Live it out’. His new offering proves once again that the Swede’s sound is impossible to categorize with expectations challenged at every turn. 

Klahr’s wonderful “retouch” of ‘Falling In Love’ has perfect rhythm, nostalgic groove and captivating looping vocals. 

Johannes Klahr have also released his remix of Axwell/Ingrosso’s ‘Dreamer’ with which he kicked off 2018. His remix was featured on the gargantuan Mr Suicide Sheep YouTube channel with the taste making curator putting it better than we ever could: “The original is pretty great but Klahr really makes it special in my opinion”.

Furthermore, Axwell Ingrosso‘s intro at the 2018  Festival in was simply bluffing the electronic planet. The title was rumored being a collaboration between Axwell and his protege Klahr. You can listen the that track, unveiled by the Swedish duo in Magnetic Festival in Prague here.

Moreover, 2017 saw Klahr flex his creative muscles across a wide spectrum of genres with a number of release including the four track EP ‘Dreaming Wild’, ‘Boiling’ & ‘Similarities’ alongside Felix Pallas.

Now listen to ‘Falling In Love’ below and tell your thoughts in the comments.

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