Axwell drops his collaboration with his protégé Klahr on Magnetic Festival Prague 2018

Axwell Ingrosso‘s intro at the 2018 Ultra Music Festival in was simply bluffing the electronic planet. The title has not yet leaked, but it is a collaboration between Axwell and his protege Klahr. In a new brought by dancetoday.gr, we discovered the latest version, unveiled by the Swedish duo Magnetic Festival in Prague a few days ago.

Axtone has forever been one of the best labels in dance music. Continually putting out top quality music and unearthing unknown talent for over a decade now. Run by the legend that is Axwell, some recent news coming from the Axtone camp may turn quite a few heads, and as well as this may also provide one of the most interesting releases thus far for the record label.

Having taken to their respective social media pages to reveal the news, it looks as though Axwell is working in collaboration with the young star  to hopefully create a track together.

Various videos were posted from the Axtone’s snapchat page and also a couple of Tweets and Facebook posts were uploaded which show the two hard at work.

At any rate, it would be very interesting to see what these two could come up with, and we’ve no doubt that it’ll be top quality as usual from Axwell & .

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