‘Antares’ is what you get when DubVision give it their all

‘Antares’ is what you get when DubVision give it their all

Lighting up the dance floor with its melodic sparkles and magical atmosphere, ‘Antares’ is what you get when Dutch dance music stars DubVision give it their all.

Radiating a sense of hope and wonder at every turn, this song will have fans reaching for the sky to embrace every inch of this phenomenal record and all of the excitement that comes with it.

In 2018 Dutch duo also presented their debut collaboration Keep My Light On with rising Korean star Raiden on STMPD RCRDS‘s last track of 2017 was their highly-anticipated track “New Memories” with Afrojack on Wall Recordings and follows Victor and Steve’s previous tune ‘Paradise’ on Armada Trice.

Listen to ‘Antares’ below or buy/stream the track here, out via Armada Music. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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