Protocol Lab - ADE 2018 is divided into 2 EPs

Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 is divided into 2 EPs

New year for the ADE, new opus for the annual Protocol Recordings compilation for the event! For the occasion, it is this time Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 is divided into 2 EPs of 4 and 5 titles that will come out a week apart. It leaves besides this year a good part to the French and it is appreciable with the presence of Antoine DelvigMosimannCharles B & VCTRY.

And they do very well with Antoine Delvig, who probably signed with AYOR, without chauvinism, the best EP title with ‘Low Rider’, Electro House title to drop while heaviness cut for festivals. Charles B & VCTRY on one side and on the other sign their second incursion on the label with respectively a ‘House Pride’ with strong accents House which does not miss a groove and an electric ‘The Groove’.

For the rest of the Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 EP, we particularly remember the very good ‘Runaway’ from Funkybeat & Steve Hartz while downtempo and delicious disco funk touches. Tim Van Werd‘s Progressive is also a perfect match for ‘Break The Night’. A good vintage 2018 for Protocol so!

Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 Part. 1 is available here (October 5) and Part. 2 here (October 12).

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