Protocol Lab - ADE 2018 is divided into 2 EPs

Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 is divided into 2 EPs

New year for the ADE, new opus for the annual Protocol Recordings compilation for the event! For the occasion, it is this time Protocol Lab –  is divided into 2 EPs of 4 and 5 titles that will come out a week apart. It leaves besides this year a good part to the French and it is appreciable with the presence of Antoine DelvigMosimannCharles B & VCTRY.

And they do very well with , who probably signed with AYOR, without chauvinism, the best EP title with ‘Low Rider', Electro House title to drop while heaviness cut for festivals. Charles B & VCTRY on one side and Mosimann on the other sign their second incursion on the label with respectively a ‘House Pride' with strong accents House which does not miss a groove and an electric ‘The Groove'.

For the rest of the Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 EP, we particularly remember the very good ‘Runaway' from Funkybeat & Steve Hartz while downtempo and delicious disco funk touches. Tim Van Werd‘s Progressive is also a perfect match for ‘Break The Night'. A good vintage 2018 for Protocol so!

Protocol Lab – ADE 2018 Part. 1 is available here (October 5) and Part. 2 here (October 12).

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