Third Party

Third Party unleashed “Free” on Release Records [Free Download]

Third Party aka Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass unleashed on their own imprint Release Records their newest track ‘Free‘, an impressive dance floor anthem just in time for the summer.

The euphoric synth melodies and swaying breakdown of ‘Free’ create a sensation of floating along a current of air. The vocal hook “Everybody’s free to feel good” compliments the song’s texture, heightening the feeling of freedom built by the instrumental.

As the track builds back up it drives the energy, exploding into a big room, progressive house banger. Definitely made to be played on the largest of stages, Third Party’s newest track will have you dancing your heart out into the early hours of the morning.

The Progressive House producers based in London began releasing music in 2010 with their first single, ‘Release’. Their first studio album Hopereleased in 2017, is partly a collection of previous singles and showcases the duo’s impressive musical talents.

Just before the summer, “Free” is all you need to make your playlist… feel good. Laced with that signature Third Party sound, the production is steeped in progressive big-room tones, with a timeless 90’s vocal twist cementing Third Party’s status as one of the most exciting and innovative talents in dance music right now.

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