LSDREAM x Howwler Release Mystical, Futuristic New Track “Pillars of Light”

Since unleashing his sinister “Chapter Two EP” last fall, Howwler has been suspiciously quiet – but now the enigmatic producer has emerged from the shadows with his newest release, titled “Pillars of Light” in collaboration with LSDREAM.

Don’t let the name fool you, however; the track is no less bone-chilling than any of ‘s previous artistry.

A mystical voiceover opens the track, beckoning the listener to leave the body and venture into the metaphysical realm as the mad shaman conjures synth-heavy, electro-infused drops that relentlessly crash upon the senses; it almost feels as if  has created the soundtrack to a twisted, space-odyssey game in which you are the lone protagonist against evil.

Since his initial breakthrough,  has become a master of dark, underground electronic music with a modern twist, and “Pillars of Light” is no different. Embrace the journey and let  be the puppet master in this futuristic adventure of a track, out now on Wakaan.

While Howwler‘s identity still remains a mystery, he is revealing his incredible talent with each progressive release. After his dark and eerie first two EPs, “Chapter One” and “Chapter Two,” the anonymous producer draws similarities to the legendary  in his “Pursuit” period; it is an assault to the senses in which an equally disturbed listener will find a deep and hedonistic pleasure.

It’s clear that Howwler‘s sound is not for virgin ears – his tracks appeal to seasoned listeners who have cut their teeth on underground music.

While his true name is a complete mystery, the well-known Paradigm Talent Agency has discovered Howwler and signed him to their ranks. Paradigm also hosts producers in the same musical range as Howwler, such as REZZ and MijaHowwler cannot hide in the shadows forever, but we have been warned: something wicked this way comes…

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