Alex Mattson

Alex Mattson – Exclusive Interview With The Finnish Talent

Having gained recognition as the first Finnish solo artist to sign a record deal with the Grammy Award-winning Ultra Music, up and coming Nordic producer Alex Mattson has been turning a lot of heads lately with his ever-evolving mainstream productions. The vibrant young artist started his musical career as a drummer and studied electronic music production in the Netherlands, graduating as a master of deep house and melodic beats. Now he has been releasing catchy electronic tracks with his signature vibrant pop hooks that showcase his diverse colorful crisp style. Viralbpm sat down with the multi-talented Alex Mattson to discuss about his latest productions, music style, future goals, upcoming “Eleven EP” on May 25th and career so far. 

V1. Recently you released two wonderful tracks, “Complicated Love” and “Discovery”. Would you like to share the story behind the track and the creative process that lies behind both track?

Alex Mattson: Last summer was so inspiring for me as a producer. I played a lot of shows so after my summer tour I was super excited to go back into studio. I got the vocal idea for Complicated Love when i got back to the studio, I immediately had an idea for the song and production stage was pretty easy to do after that, I had a clear vision what to do. That time I also wanted to create something that isn’t too ”pop focused” so I started working on the song Discovery. I think it turned out to be great and I’m really happy with the result.

V2. How would you describe your sound, music style and yourself as a producer?

Alex Mattson: As a producer I always try to make music that sounds great now and after 10 or something as well, so timeless music I’d say. I see my sound a bit of mix between pop / electronic / urban music. I don’t think there is a one genre for my music to be put in to.

V3. Alex Mattson, is there something specific you want to accomplish as an artist in the future?

Alex Mattson: Of course! My dream is to have number one song in the Billboard charts, haha. But also as an artist, I want to have a long career, and the dream of course is that I can do this as long as possible.

V4. How did you start your career as a producer? You started as a drummer and now you have dived deep into the electronic music scene.

Alex Mattson: Yeah, I started as a drummer when I was a kid. Played in rock bands maybe for like 4 or so. Just with my friends having fun, haha. When I was 13 or 14 I think, my older siblings started to play electronic music for me. I was a true heavy metal guy so I thought it sounded terrible at first. But after awhile I actually thought that sounded pretty dope so I started to play around with sounds at that time. Of course the first songs i did that time sounded like sh*t to be honest haha! But I kept on producing to learn more. After few years, when I was 16, I really wanted to get into it so I moved to Amsterdam, Holland and started to go to school that’s all about producing music and mixing etc.

V5. On what are you currently working on? Anything you can already reveal to us?

Alex Mattson: I just finished my upcoming EP a while ago and it’s coming out very soon! Now just working on more upcoming releases later this year. Also getting ready for my summer tour again so trying to make new ideas as much as possible now so I can try them out on the road.

V6. How would you describe Finland’s (electronic) music scene?

Alex Mattson: Electronic music scene isn’t too big here to be honest, but it’s really growing! There is also a lot benefits that the scene isn’t too big at the moment. Everyone (djs) kinda know each other so sending new tracks to each other and asking for tips is super easy from other DJs. I think the scene here is something that you should totally keep an eye on, a lot of great new talents coming up!


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