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Mr. Kristopher Talks About His New Project “Brooklyn Trilogy: Part 3”

Mr. Kristopher unleashed brand new material via his 4-track long project titled Brooklyn Trilogy EP: Part 3.

One of the standout songs, called “Hope You Know”, features Mr Kristopher’s very own vocals. The initial inspiration for the song came from words Kris once told a friend who was suffering from a depression ‘I hope you know, you’re not alone’.

His friend told him those words really helped him which inspired Kris to create a song out of these lines. The vocals on this track are Kris’ own recorded, processed and distorted.

The talented artist decided to share some thoughts and comments after talking to Viralbpm about the project, but also about himself.

The feelings I had when creating this ep were definitely scattered. For the 1st song “Hope You Know” I just wanted people to know they’re not alone.

For the 2nd song “Leaving for LA” I was moving away from a city that I really love (NYC).
On the day that I left for LA it was raining so I added the rain sounds.

For the 3rd song “Holographic Feel”, This song was actually inspired by everything Jim Carrey has been saying in recent interviews. 🙂

For the 4th and final song of the Trilogy “Before the War”; this is a personal marker for my music catalog. I wanted to remember several down the road exactly how my music was before I moved to Los Angeles.

When asking him about how he would describe his own style and ingredients he includes when he works in the studio:

The style of Mr. Kristopher’s music is pretty simple.It’s a dark & sexy combination of the music that inspired me.

Nine Inch Nails + Rob Zombie + Nirvana + Gorillaz + Gesaffelstein = Mr. Kristopher

Key ingredients in Mr. K’s music include heavy use of arpeggios, minor melodies, & industrial sound fx.


— MR. KRISTOPHER (@_MrKristopher_) 12 Ιανουαρίου 2018

Official Links For Brooklyn Trilogy EP: Part 3 here.

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