VASSY – Exclusive Interview With The Australian-Greek Multi-Platinum Artist

Having written, performed and recorded tracks for the the most iconic DJs in electronic music, such as Tiesto, David Guetta, Afrojack, Benny Benassi, and Calvin Harris, Australian-greek multi-platinum selling recording artist Vassy has been conquering the world with her authentic voice and sound. Not only her songs can be heard in the biggest festivals, arenas and venues, but are also featured in TV commercials, series and official trailers, such as Disney’s Oscar-winning movie Frozen and Tina Fey’s film Admissi! Preceded by the single “Faster Than A Bullet”, Vassy released on her most anticipated collaboration with Afrojack “LOST” featuring Oliver Rosa, adding another high-energy dance-floor friendly masterpiece at her personal music “hall of fame” of  billion-streamed tracks, including “BAD”, “Secrets”, “Satisfied”, “Even If”, “Cracked Wall”, “Nothing To Lose”. Having met Vassy in ADE 2017, Viralbpm sat down to talk about her origins, inspirations, latest tracks and future plans!

V1. We are really glad that we have the opportunity to talk with you Vassy. Let’s start with one of your biggest releases in 2017, the collaboration with and Oliver Rosa titled “Lost“. How did this collaboration happen?

Vassy: I was in Amsterdam about a year ago; while I was at a dinner with friends, called me on my phone in order to go to his studio. So, I went to the studio with Afrojack and ended up there playing and working on different concepts. At the beginning we were just brainstorming, just a variety of ideas about different songs, but he loved that particular idea and it simply happened.

V2. What should we expect from you during the upcoming months? Any exciting release you can already talk about?

Vassy: Yeah I do, well right now my focus lies on “Lost” with and Oliver, I have another record with Tiesto and I have a few solo Vassy records coming up in the near future.

V3. As a talented vocalist, you’re also known for picking up the right collaboration, making excellent choices with whom you will work together. How do you choose and decide among all these artists which sound or collaboration is the right one for you? Is it a difficult procedure?

Vassy: Uhm, it’s all about timing, having the right idea, there is also a little bit strategy behind it. Although, sometimes it’s more organic, to schedule the right timing in order to make each  project happen.

V4. You were inspired by artists like Billie Holiday and Crysta Waters, any other vocalists, even upcoming artists, you admire for their talent?

Vassy: Yeah, I loved Billie Holiday, she definitely inspired me. As a songwriter, I loved Bono from U2 and especially Elton Jon.

V5. Is there any other artist, maybe newer and upcoming, you love to listen to because of his work and his style?

Vassy: Definitely, there are a lot of artists out there who do a lot of cool and impressive stuff. But it’s really hard to choose one or two, because nowadays there are a lot of cool records out there.

V6. Do you have any other plans regarding touring, live shows etc.?

Vassy: Well, right now I don’t have something, in particular, to announce, because I am pretty busy working in the studio on new tracks, writing new projects. We will have to wait and see in 2018!

V7. As we’re based in Greece we’re obviously interested about your connection with Greece, since both of your parents are Greeks.

Vassy: Oh, you’re from Greece? That’s lovely, I didn’t know that. (laughter) My parents they are both from Greece. They moved to Australia long time ago and we were born and raised there. We raised up in a very Greek environment, in a Greek home with Greek food, speaking Greek, well… we did pretty much everything in Greek!

V8. Wow, that’s really nice. This means you can say to us a few words in Greek, right?

Vassy: Ναι εννοείται, τι θέλετε να σας πω; Είμαι περίφανη που είμαι Ελληνίδα, Αυστραλοελληνίδα, γεννήθηκα φυσικά στην Αυστραλία, αλλά την ελληνική την κουλτούρα την αγαπάω με πάρα πολύ πάθος, δε γίνεται να τη ξεχάσω, είναι στη ψυχή μου.

(Yeah of course, what would you like me to say? (laughs). I am really proud to be Greek, Australiangreek to be more precise. I was born in Australia of course, but I really love the Greek culture, I can’t forget it, it speaks to my soul, it’s a part of me.)

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