Axwell Λ Ingrosso feat. Trevor Guthrie – Dreamer [EMI]

Axwell Λ Ingrosso first debuted this track of a track at ADE 2016. It has been so long that many fans started to worry it would not see the light of day in form of an official release.

Dreamer‘ via is an interesting mixture of modern day arrangements with the euphoric power of hits.

Featuring beautiful vocals by Trevor Guthrie,Dreamer‘ seems to have been changed up a bit since it was first debuted in Amsterdam.

In a way ‘Dreamer‘ is a bit disappointing. The once unimaginably euphoric progressive house tracks have now been transformed into a more pop endeavour.

When that first drop finally hits everyone wishes there was just a bit more energy, more a full-on sprint than a the contained bounce that is present.

Overall ‘Dreamer‘ is a beautiful song, but deep down we do wish this one kept its original energy instead of being made more radio friendly.

However, this beautiful melancholy melody on the piano transports us literally. The vocal is also simply exceptional and we can not help but singing it throughout the day.

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