Kuaigon – Exclusive Interview With The Promising Spanish Newcomer

Kuaigon is a promising newcomer from Madrid and part of Spain’s new wave of leading progressive house producers, who have brought their country’s electronic musical industry in the forefront globally. In corroboration of this comes his latest collaboration with his compatriots Adrien Rux, Bedmar and David Tuck, titled “Set Me Free”, on Steve Angello’s prestigious label SIZE Records. Mostly inspired by the Dirty Dutch and Swedish House movements, Kuaigon kicked off his music career at the age of 13 by learning how to mix and produce his original material.

Gradually becoming more and more musically mature, his tracks gained support from the likes of Dannic and Feenixpawl by signing “Up” on Fonk Recordings and “Kurultai” on Eclypse Records. Having evolved a fully recognizable style that embraces beauty, while keeping the momentum with beautiful and epic breaks, followed by powerful and rhythmic drops, Kuaigon found the time to talk to Viralbpm about his latest achievements and thoughts on up-and-coming talents.

V1. Kuaigon thank you for sitting with us and congratulations for your Size Records release. Let us begin this interview by talking a little bit about yourself. When did you begin producing? Is there any special story behind your alias?

Kuaigon: Well, thank you so much for this interview, always a pleasure! When I started back in the days I would only DJ in my home room with a controller and a laptop, I remember spending hours and hours searching for music, trying to come up with something to mash up… I was 14 then.

Around late 2014 I began producing my own tracks, learning on my own with tutorials and stuff, but the turning point for me happened when I moved away from my family and friends to Madrid, took production seriously and went to study Sound Engineering. Regarding of Kuaigon, before that alias I had nothing published, just a list of DJ names I didn’t like enough and a bunch of unfinished ideas. But the whole thing started working out when I came up with Kuaigon, and I love what it represents for me, that freedom and artistic side.

V2. Following up your great collab with Yeary & VITIZE, titled ‘Up’, on Dannic’s Fonk Recordings, you’ve managed to achieve something that many producers dream of at your age: sign a track on Steve Angello’s prestigious imprint. How do you feel about it?

Kuaigon: The track on Fonk felt also like a great achievement, when I signed that one thought it was a good beginning, given the fact I had been only releasing music for half a year. But with the SIZE release, we all went to the next level, is truly something awesome, being a small part on the history of such label… couldn’t be more happy about it. Some of the DJs I admire the most, such as Corey James, just released big tracks there too. Also an amazing fact is that Adrien, David and me we’re just 20 years old, so imagine how big this feel for us, we all grew up listening to SHM and Steve Angello’s music.

V3. So with the release of your magnificent collab with Adrien Rux & Bedmar and David Tuck, titled “Set Me Free” on Size Records you’re beginning a new chapter in your career. How long were you working on this track before you realize that you’ve completed your idea?

Kuaigon: Actually, David and I started this track in David’s studio back in February 2016, but we couldn’t finish it, we felt that the track was missing something. Then Adrien and Bedmar came in place, wanted to work on it and they did an amazing job. Eventually I managed to put the whole track in one project and did the mixtering and final touches to get the track ready. All that makes almost 8 months for the track to be finished, and without the whole four artist team, this track wouldn’t be on Size.

V4. You are now part of a new wave of leading progressive house producers to come from Spain, such as Adrien Rux & Bedmar, No Hope, David Tuck and Crusy, just to name a few, who have brought your country’s electronic musical industry in the forefront. How does this make you feel?

Kuaigon: Well, I think there’s a long way to go for Spanish industry to be at the level of other countries, we all have to put our hands to work in order to achieve that, but yes, I feel quite optimistic about it. As you say, there is indeed a lot of talent, and I feel especially connected with David Tuck and Crusy, we all three studied together on the same institute in Madrid, and of course David is like a musical brother to me. I’m so proud of him, we have worked together on a lot of music, and I can tell you he is an amazing producer and friend. We had awesome times at ADE with Adrien too.

V5. Any other up-and-coming talents we should keep an eye on, according to your opinion?

Kuaigon: Some of the stuff coming from David Pietras is something to watch for, the boys from SOVTH too, my mates Yeary, VITIZE and the Spanish boy MPV.

V6. What should we expect next from your distinctive progressive & groovy house sound in the future? Which other labels would you be also interested in signing your music? Any upcoming collabs we should know about?

Kuaigon: Right now I’m moving a bit into the dark tech sounds, got some club friendly stuff I want to focus on, but always keeping the essence of Kuaigon, all about the groove and good taste. Also following the line of “Atari” and “Set Me Free”, some melodic progressive tracks, something to finish with David too and there’s some IDs played by Kryder… Right at this moment I want to take a little break on Christmas Holidays, spend some time with family and friends, this is key for life I think. So let’s start 2018 with a fresh mind and see what the future holds for Kuaigon and my team at Suprmode agency.

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