Kiro Prime – Caracas via Future Rave [Free Download]

Premiered by Dannic in his radio show ‘Fonk Radio 011’, Future Rave Records are proud to present their next release entitled ‘Caracas‘ by Kiro Prime, who is back on the rising label for the third time.

The groovy track has positive feedbacks from many producers, as it is supported by the likes of Dannic, Simon De Jano, Sentinel, Rayven & Valexx, Rovack, Simon Alex, Drop Department, Showbiz, Dirty Ducks, Pete Dash, Djs From Mars, MAXIMALS, Dumbers!

Kiro Prime‘s musical talents don’t follow a trend, he sets the trend. His music transcends language and captivates the ear.

His invigorating take on big room firepower has found a massive audience, both on the dance floor and within the dance music industry. Just as well, his peak time, mind numbing, genre busting sets have a story to tell, and Kiro’s ability to tell that story keeps the crowds craving more.

Getting all the inspiration possible and all the information about the electronic music and its different types of elements, trying to combine different types of music to make a unique way of producing music of is own!!

With his ability to create fresh tracks in auto-pilot, Kiro Prime has turned his attention to performing live, a craft he takes just as seriously as his production. ‘Caracas‘ will be available as free download by Future Rave.

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