ULTRA Korea 2018 aftermovie

ULTRA Korea 2018 aftermovie

As the festival readies for another ground-breaking year, ULTRA Korea has released its stunning 4K 2018 Aftermovie, directed by the Final Kid team. The eight-minute ULTRA Korea 2018 aftermovie illustrates the three-day experience, which drew a record of 120,000 attendees from over 60 countries, who danced their hearts out at the festival's 7th anniversary event in Seoul's historic Olympic Park Stadium. 

From the opening moments, viewers are treated to stunning views of the city of Seoul, the Olympic Park and a time-lapse of festivalgoers arriving at ULTRA Korea. Revealing the iconic Main Stage, the film moves into an energetic space, boasting live footage of some of its superstar headliners including Ice CubeGalantis and RL Grime. Giving the audience a momentary break with extravagant drone shots of Seoul by night, the film enters the RESISTANCE stage, highlighting performances by headliners Carl Craig and many more, who brought the highest quality house and techno to Seoul all long. 

Maintaining the film's high energy, shots chop and change, showing Korean dancer Hazel from Viva Dance Studio dancing to 's ‘Dreams', a fiery Main Stage, city clips and shots from Axwell /\ IngrossoIce Cube and 's headlining performances. The Aftermovie slows down briefly before delving into the grand finale, showcasing the headliners once again, the crowd, the mind-blowing stage designs and the unparalleled laser, pyrotechnic and light shows before ending in a magnificent firework display. Painting an epic picture of ULTRA Korea 2018, this year's event is not one to be missed.  

ULTRA Korea will return to the Olympic Park, Seoul June, 2019.  

Tickets for ULTRA Korea 2019 are available now here.

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