Gott & Blandat

Code Red Presents: Gott & Blandat EP incl. Regilio, Gemellini, David Pietras, Dawiid & Josef K!

Following in just after Marcus Schossow‘s ‘Amsterdam‘, Code Red Music is back with a brand new talent manifestation. Outlining assorted styles, ‘Gott & Blandat‘ is a subtle nod to the renowned Swedish candy of it’s name, containing several flavors and a variety of colors.

Hence, here you will find a selection of virtuoso that have been in our sights for some time now.

The Gott & Blandat EP is including tracks from , , and Dawiid & Josef K, titled as “Novo”, “Manga”, “Opia” and “Maracay” respectively.

The four tunes will be available this Friday 09.30

Regilio – Novo | Gemellini – Manga
David Pietras – Opia | Dawiid & Josef K – Maracay

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