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It was that belief that led Marcus Schossow to begin the Code Red Music project in 2015. Based upon the concept of having talent meet talent, the label’s values as both an institution and record company were quickly acclaimed by many.

In Marcus’ words, “we wanted to create a place where our musical dreams can run wild”. A core value of this belief is to “speak to each other daily, seeking to help and assist wherever possible”. Not in the form of a constitution or set of rules, but creative freedom.

Code Red is focused on the musical journey and experience. Here, we value charts just as much as discovery. At the core of this journey is interaction. Through the shared vision of Marcus, our artists and our fans, we aspire to expand our quest for musical freedom and friendship.

Friendship is an important construct, and this involves you. Through interviews, tutorials and feedback sessions, we at Code Red want to hear your thoughts and help you improve your music. We want you to become part of this shared belief, and “have the options to create what we really want to do, without anyone telling us how”.

We want to you get know you just as much as you want to get to know us.

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Felicity makes his debut on Code Red with his new track “Origins”

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