Anderblast & Godlov – Make Your Way [Flamingo]

[av_two_third first av_uid=’av-3rnxme’]French mastermind, David Guetta, spotted some new talents from Italy and premiered their collaboration on his radioshow DJ Mix episode 290.

It’s about duo ‘s and producer ‘s new track on Flamingo Recordings called “Make Your Way”.

The upcoming Italian talents created a progressive but housy record, which will satisfy all EDM lovers. Their tune has also drawn the attention of Deniz Koyu, who included “Make Your Way” on this Soundcheck episode 051.[/av_two_third]

[av_one_third av_uid=’av-1xmj7a’]


Anderblast & Godlov – Make Your Way  is set for release on Beatport on Febrauary 8th.

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