David Guetta and Brooks combined forces again on “Better When You’re Gone”

A year after David Guetta and Brooks combined in powerful force on “Like I Do” comes the duo's next collaborative effort, Better When You're Gone. Written in partnership with New York singer-songwriter duo Loote, it's another phenomenal piece of work from this dream pairing. It's an entirely new song, and did not feature on his album 7 that dropped back in September. Listen to ‘When You're Gone' here.

Loote's cute melancholy vocal unfolds over shimmering, chorused guitars as the track kicks off, before it explodes into the joyous chorus with a driving beat underpinning it. Next comes the spine-tingling lead riff that bursts into play out of nowhere, building towards the full drop where it dances and prances over chunky beats and phat electro bass. More sorrowful guitars greet in the next breakdown, setting the stage for the beautiful vocals once again. A stunning production, it's at once a huge dancefloor hit and a radio anthem. No-one combines the two quite like Guetta and his collaborators!

This new single kicks off another huge year for , with his upcoming residency at Wynn in Las Vegas in April and May, plus headlining  Festival in Miami. Meanwhile, 7 has sold over two million copies and the video for Say My Name has picked up over 250 million views in just two months.

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