Steve Angello ft. The Presets – Remember (Wild Youth Single) [Size]

One of 's most admirable qualities is that he stays true to what he believes in; it's his dedication that has allowed him to successfully run his own label and maintain a passionate fan base. After almost 12 of Size's establishing the time for his forthcoming album #WildYouth has come and it's set to take over the music scene, releasing ahead the official debut on November 20th “Remember” as the second single.

[av_one_half first av_uid='av-4uqs3n']Wild Youth2

[/av_one_half][av_one_half av_uid='av-1z1a8j']Wild Youth1[/av_one_half]

His latest output with Australian stars is a feel-good reminder of his love for bubbly commercial house that defies the big room status quo established shortly after he and the rest of parted ways.

Warm, bittersweet vocals on The Preset's side belt lyrics that speak of lost times as airy synth progressions come into play, triggering an urge to dance like wild and let go of your cares for just a few minutes.

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