Paris & Simo ft. Errol Reid – Can You See [Revealed] (Preview)

Montreal natives have teamed up with UK based singer/songwriter for their next Revealed Recordings release, “Can you see” – a potent slice of energetic progressive house available worldwide from November 9th. With their earlier Revealed releases such as “Not Alone” with Mako, and “Escape” with 3LAU and Bright Lights, the duo cemented their place on the industry radar, and with “Can you see” they edge ever closer to the stratospheric levels of success they have aimed for from the start.

“Can you see” leaps out of its tense opening crescendo into a hyperactive combination of pulsating melodies, thumping beats and fractured vocals, before evolving into a colossal dance anthem and introducing ethereal melodies and a harmonious breakdown. After having demonstrated a keen ear for both the intricacies of dance music and the trends of club culture on their earlier releases, Paris & Simo now develop these ideas to craft a towering and infinitely danceable club anthem that perfectly encapsulates the tone of the genre in 2015.

With the weight of Revealed Recordings behind their endeavours, Paris & Simo are surely the artists to watch in 2016, and with this collaboration they have firmly placed themselves among the finest exports of the year. Catch “Can you see” worldwide from November 9th.

Paris & Simo Signature Sound
What particularly fascinated with “Can You See” is the blend of classic groove house sound, classic house sound and the Paris & Simo Signature Sound. This mixture in conjunction with the great vocals of Errol Reid then gives a really new and fresh spin on the genre and definitely a real bomb. In Break reminds especially the piano to the older house tracks. With Errol Reid's vocals that causes a very nice oldschool effect. The main part goes in a rather interesting way. Paris & Simo put more on a powerful lead sound as a dominant bass. A bit unusual, but it brings something fresh to the genre effects. However, one knows not exactly like this Preview is excised. If this is the second drop, the method with the eye-catching lead is normal.

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