Venomenal - Gameboy

Venomenal – Gameboy [Code Red]

When Code Red started we promised to give new talent a chance. When we say something like that it is not because we want to sound cool, or because it is good for our image, but because we truly believe in young and fresh talent. Venomenal is such a youngster who’s putting out amazing tunes. He didn’t had the chance yet to release them, but that’s in the past now. We’re proud to present his first release ever: Gameboy

Venomenal was born as Geert Huizenga and grew up in a small town in the most northern part of The Netherlands. As a little boy Venomenal was inspired by his father to listen and make all types of music. As a result the young Dutchman started playing the piano at the age of twelve. It wasn’t love at first sight with dance music though. Young Geert was inspired by Deadmau5, but started to produce pop and rock music in the beginning.

After a small break he discovered house music and with that Axwell. And that’s how productions such as Gameboy were born. Meeting the guys from spurred him on and resulted in a meeting with Marcus Schössow later on. In the mean while Geert also applied for the conservatory in Enschede and actually got admitted.

Gameboy takes you on a groovy journey through an exciting house adventure that builds up to an unexpected drop that would even surprise Super Mario. But seriously, Gameboy is a track that keeps building up and can be played almost everywhere. The beautiful piano melody, the refined details and gaming sounds, the groovy kick and bassline, it all fits together perfectly. No surprise that label chief Marcus Schössow was blown away by this fresh track from Venomenal.

“We’re proud to Venomenal his career and first track at Code Red. Watch out for Gameboy, because we’re pretty sure this young and talented boy will stay in the game for a while!”, wrote the labeli its announce.

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