Takis debuts on Armada Music with all-Canadian team-up: ‘Wait For Me’ (feat. Goody Grace & Tory Lanez)

Everybody loves a relatable story, one that speaks of breaking away from hometown limitations and trying to make dreams come true. It inspires, excites and may even bring peace of mind, for it shows that there are others walking that same pathway. It's also the tale of Canadian producer Takis, whose comparable backstory continues to send sparks of creativity flying in his mind. And that's exactly what takes center stage in his debut single on : ‘Wait For Me' (feat. ).

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Speaking of love out of sight and the hope of reconnecting, ‘Wait For Me' immediately puts itself in contention for becoming the ultimate song of the summer. With heartfelt lyrics, velveteen vocals and an effervescent, sun-kissed instrumental dictating the vibe, this super-infectious collab perfectly soundtracks the story of Takis and others taking a similar leap of faith.

“‘Wait For Me' is about leaving and trying to make a name for yourself”, Takis explains. “But it simultaneously touches on the persistent fear you have that someone you love or care about will forget about you when pursuing your dreams. This story also threads through my upcoming ‘Welcome Home' project, which is charged with conflicting feelings surrounding my hometown: the day I started making music, I had a confusing love-hate relationship with my hometown that I couldn't seem to shake.”

During these times, Takis found a friend and confidant in Goody Grace, who also features on ‘Wait For Me' and topped Takis' shortlist of artists to work with. “Growing up in Manitoba, Goody Grace and I didn't have many artist friends, so we became very close. Aside from connecting over our mutual love for music, we often shared the feelings and troubles that came with putting ourselves out there. We were made fun of daily on local Twitter and Facebook for making songs and pursuing what seemed to be an impossible path, so we shared the come-up story of being ridiculed in high-school for making music.”

“Peter (Takis) and I grew up together about 2 minutes from each other in Manitoba”, Goody Grace adds. “We have been dreaming of doing big things in music for nearly ten years now, so it was really exciting to collab with each other. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out and I can't wait for the world to enjoy it throughout the summer.”

This inspiring team-up extends far beyond the music alone in terms of Canadian origin: everything, from the co-production to the music video, cover , photography and what not, was made possible by fellow Canadians. It shows not only Takis' desire to do his homecountry (and hometown) proud, but also spotlights his love for connecting individuals who wouldn't link up otherwise. The result is relatable, emotion-driven music that hits home across the electronic music spectrum, and ‘Wait For Me' is a sterling example of that.

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