Tamta presents her brand new “Awake EP”

Tamta presents her brand new “Awaken EP“, which contains seven tracks, seven super hits from the brightest face of the Greek -and not only- pop scene.

At the EP you will find already well-known songs such as “Sex With Your Ex”, which was discussed and loved a lot this winter, and “My Zone”, which is the soundtrack of the Belgian film “Losers Revolution”.

It also includes Tamta's latest single “Yala”, a super explosive dance-ethnic collaboration with Israeli super star Stephane Legar that was released a few weeks ago and has caused a sensation by being included in 's most popular lists across Europe. 

The leading track of the album “Awake”, “Yala” and “Sex With Your Ex” were all produced by Roulsen, while other collabs include Andrew Holyfield, Marcia Thadea èle Sondeijker, Eric Matthew Lumiere, Roel Rats,

Listen to the tracks of the Awaken EP, released via Universal/Minos EMI, below or buy/stream them here.

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