Lynch Kingsley returns to Inperspective Records with new Death Cycles LP.

Italian DJ and producer Lynch Kingsley has returned to British D&B imprint Inperspective Records with new Death Cycles LP, out 5th June.

An eleven-track release, Death Cycles EP is a slow-burning journey that sees Kingsley craft rich, atmospheric soundscapes informed by his D&B background. The first half of the record is characterised by downbeat, ambient breakbeat exploration, with tracks like ‘Rites of Passage’ and ‘Distance Between Soundwaves’ expertly setting the scene. In the second half, both the tempo and intensity rise gradually, most notably with the pounding, rapid-fire breaks of ‘Acid Dream’, before things are closed out with the sophisticated liquid D&B sounds of ‘Reach Through Meditation Pt. 2’.

Hailing from Rome, Kingsley has built a reputation around his complex, cerebral brand of electronic music, which is equal parts emotional, raw and intimate. Making his debut on Beat Machine in 2014, he has since released a brace of records on Inperspective, ‘Eden’ in 2016 and a Void’ in 2018. Closely associated with the ‘Dreamers’ crew in Milan, alongside the likes of Neve, he established himself as a frontrunner in the underground italian breakbeat circuit.

An expansive, complex collection of tracks, Death Cycles sees Lynch Kingsley kick off the new decade in scintillating form. Buy stream it here.

Lynch Kingsley returns to Inperspective Records with new Death Cycles LP.
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