The Midnight Unveil “Prom Night” + Bespoke Playlist Generator To Transport Fans Back To High School

The Midnight share “Prom Night” from their new album MONSTERS, out July 10th via . Arriving at a moment when much of the Class of 2020 has been forced to cancel or socially distance their proms, “Prom Night” captures the hopeful naiveté and unfettered romance of this American rite of passage as it synthesizes a range of slowdance sounds that run the gamut from Peter Gabriel to The 1975.

“David Foster Wallace says that every love story is a ghost story too. If we can forget how a relationship ended, and forget the string of love and loss over the next decade; if we can trim the footage just right, the memory still plays like a love story, forever in bloom, suspended, impossibly holding that hand. And, if we really focus, we can balance ourselves in that moment, standing between two worlds. Some ghost stories are love stories too.” says The Midnight's Tyler Lyle about the track.

Listen to “Prom Night” here:

Alongside “Prom Night,” The Midnight are rolling out a custom playlist generator that will help transport fans back to their high school . By visiting the band's website — currently decked out as a total 90s throwback, reminiscent of Saved By The Bell's “The Max” — fans will be asked to share their name, prom month and year. In return, they'll be served a playlist of Top 40 songs that were big hits during their prom. Spotify users will get the additional treat of having a unique, personalized playlist cover created using a specially designed image from @Mizucat. Go to for more info.

“Prom Night” is the third track released from MONSTERS, the follow-up to 2018's KIDS, which hit #1 on the Billboard Electronic Albums Chart. Lead single “Deep Blue,” released in May, sparked a flurry of online attention among the band's dedicated fan community who, whether in YouTube comments sections or on the band's dedicated Reddit board, immediately began dissecting the song's lyrics and artwork for an assortment of Easter eggs. The single has achieved over a million Spotify streams to date.

Watch Kidmograph's vaporwave-steeped, vintage graphics-filled lyric for “Deep Blue” here:

The Midnight are Tyler Lyle and Tim McEwan, who were initially brought together at the suggestion of a musical colleague. Both having extensive musical backgrounds, Tim worked as pop-music producer, awarding credits with names such as Sean ‘Diddy' Combs, New Kids on the Block and The Wanted before meeting McEwin. Tyler forged an indie-folk music career, as well as releasing his own albums has worked with Courtyard Hounds (Dixie Chicks' side project) and co-writing music with Court Yard Hounds, among other acts.

Listen to “Dance With Somebody,” the second pre-release track from MONSTERS' and a dancefloor-ready flipside to the romantic reverie of “Prom Night,” here:

The band are excited to get back on the road and see their fans in 2021, the duo have their sights to return to the UK following their November 2019 sold out headline tour with stops at The Roundhouse London and Albert Hall Manchester – The BBC also cemented their success in a recent interview “the group have been creating 80s-sounding pop with all the hallmarks of the decade – including big soundscapes, dreamy vocals, and saxophone solos”.

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