Australian duo dekleyn release ‘Who We Are’ that comes with news of their upcoming self-titled debut album!

Australian duo dekleyn are coming back to us this week with another catchy treat which is sure to strike a chord in many with its bold electro-pop sounds that can easily be likened to a mix between Vallis Alps, Lauv and LANY – and it also comes with new of their upcoming self-titled debut album!

It's called ‘Who We Are' and as the boys explain it touches on the topical subject of mental health and the sense of vulnerability that comes with almost every relationship…

“This one is a coming of age anthem which delves into the mental state and vulnerability of modern-day relationships. The lyrics address the current issues with individuals changing everything about themselves to draw closer to others romantically.” – dekleyn 

‘Who We Are' was produced, recorded and mixed in dekleyn's home studio where they had a lot of fun experimenting with a variety of dance music elements that we are yet to see on a dekleyn track, and in my opinion it was just an inevitable step in the evolution of their sound. When listening to this track we can't help but lose our bodies to the uplifting beat and we hope it makes the listener feel the same way.” – dekleyn 

‘Who We Are' is available everywhere now including & Apple Music, and stay tuned over the coming months for dekleyn's self-titled debut album.

Buy/stream ‘Who We Are' here.

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