Whethan & Bearson release 'Win You Over' ft. SOAK

Whethan & Bearson release ‘Win You Over’ ft. SOAK

Whethan & Bearson have collaborated for their latest single ‘Win You Over', which features vocals from Northern Irish singer/songwriter SOAK. The producers imaginatively blend their most signature musical elements to create a perfect sound bed for vocalist SOAK to lay her expressive sentiments. The track's carefree, electro-pop vibe is an ideal appetiser as we head toward the summer months. 

Sharing an affection for future bass and electro sounds, Whethan and have infused the track with mellow guitar riffs and a mesh of bright tones, whilst still leaving ample space for SOAK's catchy vocal hook and thoughtful lyrics. 

After releasing a handful of singles in 2018 featuring indie pop-stars such as Kailee Morgue and Ashe, gracing the soundtrack of FIFA and producing songs for acts like , Whethan, Lemaitre, Borns and Wrabel, Bearson is back. This time with a brand new single with his good friends Whethan and SOAK. This song is sure to be the soundtrack to the summer 2019. Bearson – who hails from Oslo, Norway – is renowned for his remix work of popular artists such as James Bay and Susie Suh that have garnered him an international audience, including recognition from the distinguished tastemaker BBC Radio 1. He has since co-created the label/management company Next Wave where he releases his original material as well as support artists such as Jerry Folk, Atlas Bound and Mark Johns among others.

Chicago-based Whethan has already worked with the likes of Dua Lipa, , HONNE and Bipolar Sunshine and can consider as one of his most famous fans, with the producer expressing himself musically through the use of his synth-saturated, future-bass sound. The undoubted success of his 2018 album ‘Life of a Wallflower Vol. 1' has ensured that his reputation is on an upward trajectory.

The last piece of this triumphant trio of ‘Win You Over' is Derry singer-songwriter SOAK. The exceptional vocalist first made ripples within the music industry aged just 14 by penning the track ‘Sea Creatures' that features on her 2015 debut album ‘Before We Forgot How To Dream'. An album which led to her win of the prestigious Choice Music Prize for Album of the Year, the Northern Irish Music Prize and also led to Bridie being shortlisted for a Q Award. Her next, much anticipated album ‘Grim Town' is set for release this spring. 

‘Win You Over' is out March 29th via ULTRA Records. Buy/stream it here.

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