Sultan + Shepard Interview

Sultan + Shepard feat Carla Monroe – Deeper

Firing up a set of enticing chord progressions and sparkling vocals to begin with. ‘Deeper’ marks another super-groovy take on the widely acclaimed signature sound of Canadian electronic music stars Sultan + Shepard.

Featuring Carla Monroe, this song counts as one of the absolute floor-fillers taken from ’s forthcoming debut album. And will be drawing fans to the dance floor for to come.

Sultan + Shepard:We’ve always been a fan of singers who can bring emotion and soul to dance music. When we had the opportunity to work with Carla Monroe, we jumped at the chance. She’s emerged in the last few as a real voice that embodies everything we love about house music these days so it’s fair to say we’re really excited about this record.

Our love for house music runs pretty deep and we just hope to be able to make something that can inspire other people the way house music has inspired over the years.’

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