The Magnificent Sevenn: Summer Awaits the Arrival of ‘Loco Papi’

“Life is full of games, but you gotta play hard” – and there's no denying that Kevin Brauer has been doing precisely that to the power of Sevenn.

With the Armada Music follow up to the arena-grabbing ‘Lollipop' in summer, the Los Angeles producer's declaration that ‘Loco Papi' represents “a really good time – that's the vibe I'm trying to get across with this song”, is something of an understatement.

Listen to Sevenn – ‘Loco Papi'

There's a horn section taking you to an exotic destination, an insane-in-the-brain vocal urging you to join in with the madness, and a breakdown counting down to that cuckoo clock moment on the dancefloor when pandemonium ensues. A running guitar loop confirms the track's preference for sun, sea and sand – not forgetting some pretty firm kicks guarding the party – and ‘Loco Papi' is heavenly summing clubbing powered by a combination of jumping beans, itching power and wide smiles. 

Sevenn has previously released on Musical Freedom and Spinnin', and has earned Spotify and plays by the Millions. His profile rocketed skywards with a hook-up with Tiesto and , causing speakers to go ‘BOOM' this summer.

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