Curbi - Spiritual

Curbi gets ‘Spiritual (Mriya)’ (feat. Brooke Tomlinson)

After kickstarting 2019 with hit tune ‘ADHD’, UK hot shot Curbi now teams up with singer/songwriter Brooke Tomlinson for another massive tune. ‘Spiritual (Mriya)‘ sees him present an melody before unleashing one of his trademark drops, bursting of heavy beats, freaky synth chords and twisting sound effects. Expect a more melodic approach, leaning on the strong vocals and hands-in-the-air chorus – out now on Spinnin’ Records.

As DJ support and streaming figures have increased since Curbi’s entry to the scene, anticipation by now is high with every release. ‘Spiritual (Mriya)’ underlines it all, seeing the UK phenomenon in full effect with an extatic record that blends his typical uplifting dance sound with infectious pop vocals. The result is nothing less than a catchy tune that’s bound to make waves among both radio and festival crowds – already supported by Don Diablo, Lucas & Steve, Mike Williams, and more.

Curbi:“When I started working on the track, I didnt have the vocal yet. I started out by making some chords and had a nice pad. I really liked the clean vibe it had, very dreamy, so I wanted to keep that running throughout and therefore made a simple drop with all those sounds in and a phat bassline to keep my sound in there. After the track was finished, I got sent the vocal “Spiritual” and it fit the track perfectly. Same vibe, same atmosphere, just with more meaning to the track.” 

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