‘Secrets’ by Leo ft Levi Bent-Lee

New York-based singer/songwriter Leo has demonstrated a musical maturity beyond his years with his previous releases ‘What I Like’ and ‘Stay’. The 23-year-old Albanian-American born artist now joins forces with Levi Bent-Lee for what is sizing up to be his biggest release to date, ‘Secrets’ – out now via Korabi Records.

With a tropical flavour and alluring guitar licks, ‘Secrets’ emanates a feel-good vibe throughout. The collaboration came about when Leo “was working on a bunch of records and felt that ‘Secrets’ needed some extra flare”. In a true modern-day collaboration, Leo DM’d Levi, who instantly wanted to get involved in the project. Both sets of vocals complement each other, with the lyrics showing the intricacies that can be involved in a relationship.

The track is accompanied by an official music video, directed by frequent Weeknd & HXOUSE collaborator Mark Vallena. The playful follows Levi & Leo out and about in the city at night, showcasing the urban setting and neon lights in all their glory. Instantly catchy and expertly produced, ‘Secrets’ has all the hallmarks of a global radio hit.

Leo started creating music at the age of 10 and has never looked back. Amassing 40,000 listeners on per month, this burgeoning talent has a plethora of tracks ready for release.  Levi Bent-Lee hails from Toronto and in the short time he has been making music, he has garnered a large and dedicated following. His forte lies in Hip Hop and R&B, yet this latest project shows his diversity, range and potential. Stay tuned to both artists’ socials for upcoming releases and shows coming soon.

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