Lyrah’s debut Chemicals EP

Lyrah’s debut Chemicals EP

San Francisco – Lyrah’s debut Chemicals EP, is now available on all major music streaming services. The album mixes dark with dancey to create a collection of haunting pop songs.

The explosive chorus of “Don’t Make Me” exemplifies the pop sensibility bursting across the album, while the syncopated hooks from “Are You All Alone” showcase the depth of songwriting not often found in new artists.

Lyrah may be a new name, but she’s been building the skills for this debut album for years. The genre-mixing prevalent throughout Chemicals started from a young age—singing at church in the morning and playing skate shows with her metal band at night. 

More recently, the culmination of playing piano touring with Paul Thomas Saunders and writing for other producers has helped lead to her first solo album. Though under the electronic pop umbrella, it’s a collection of songs which goes beyond any specific sound, with the hope of encapsulating life’s everyday moments.

“The past often plays back better in our minds than it did in real-time; and a song can trigger those memories that made you feel the most alive. I wanted these songs to have that same cinematic feel, like they could soundtrack your life,” says Lyrah. 

The Chemicals EP explores love from various angles in a way that could be described as Daughter meets Halsey. Or more broadly, Lyrah’s sound pulls in the seriousness of The National with the hooks of Chvrches. The debut album will be out Feb 28, 2019. Buy/stream it here.

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