Kim Kaey - Push The Feeling

Revamped 90’s classic: Kim Kaey – Push The Feeling

Besides a very skilled young DJ, Kim Kaey is growing fast as a  producer. New single ‘Kim Kaey – Push The Feeling’ is a great example of her developing style, combining the classic 90’s vocals and melody with cool, contemporary sounds.

Expect catchy hooks with grooving beats and phat basslines. Definitely a sweet tune that brings the crowd back to the good old days, officially out now on Spinnin‘ Deep.

Kim Kaey (Kim Krijnen), is a selfmade girl with a warm and open personality that was literally raised with music all day long, thanks to her Dad, who is owning a radio station in the South of the Netherlands. Growing up with disco and soul she always had a feeling for a dope groove – something that really defines her sets and tracks.

She learned the tricks of mixing records with turntables as a young teenager. Also back then she started hosting her own radio show “The Get Down”, which is still running weekly with guests from all around the world. Kim knows how to entertain a crowd with music. Despite being a youngster she knows her classics and she’s a typical crate-digger by heart spicing up her groovy sets with exclusive bootlegs, unreleased material from herself and hard-to-find jams.

After being signed to Liwyn bookings agency, the summer of 2018 was filled with festivals all over holland, playing from North to South and leaving her musical fingerprints at festivals like Neverland, Solar Weekend, Castle Of Love and many more. Not only on a national level she claimed her spot, she also stood firm and played at international events. With a string of releases 2018 was already a very productive year, but you always got to save the best for last; Her new single ‘Push the Feeling On’ will be released on Spinnin’ Deep at the end of November 2018.

Listen to Kim Kaey – Push The Feeling below or buy/stream it here and tell also your thoughts in the comments.

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