Stereoclip exclusive interview

Stereoclip exclusive interview: Meet the Brussels-based talent

As one of the latest stars to sign exclusively with Armada Music, Brussels' Stereoclip helds his own brand of deep, vocal-oriented and mysterious techno music. Creating music on instict alone, the Belgian talent makes big in the dance music scene through his unique productions.

After the success of his 2016 album ‘Hometown', Stereoclip has been pulling out all the stops both in the studio and on the live front to further his career and to please the thousands of fans that have been hooked since they first learned of his masterstroke productions or peerless live performances.

Fresh from dropping his second artist album, ‘Travel', Viralbpm sat down with Stereoclip for an exclusive interview and talked about this new music journey, evolution of his sounds and influences over the years, favorite artist and side activities. Read our Stereoclip exclusive interview below.

V1. You released your second solo album, “Travel”, after dropping “Feel The Game” exclusively via . How do you feel about the final output of the album and about releasing your music through this legendary label?

Stereoclip: I'm very happy with the connection between Armada Music and myself. I'm super glad to be working with such as great time and we're already looking into some wonderful stuff for next year. No pressure, I'm sure we're going to make some great stuff together.

.@StereoclipBe blows our minds with his new tune ‘Feel The Game'. 🌬 It's on top of our Spotify playlist:

(@ArmadaDeep) May 2, 2018

V2. What were your initial artistic intentions for your second album? When did you start recording your LP and did you experience any difficulties throughout the recording process?

Stereoclip: There were a lot of difficulties as I was learning every day and I'm still learning now. I had no predefined intentions to begin with; I just wanted to fill my music with emotion and jam around samples and synthesizers. I've also been focusing on my live set, so it also got me knee-deep in creating loops and stuff that could be used for the album as well. I may have taken the first steps years ago, but I think it's safe to say it took me about 8 month of hard work for the entire arrangement.

V3. Are there any interesting or even funny stories behind some days during the recording process or behind some of the tracks in particular? Do you have a secret, favorite track of your album?

Stereoclip: No funny stories, unfortunately. It just came down to a lot of me-time in the studio. It's hard picking a favorite, but I still feel that ‘Feel The Game' is one of the best songs on the album for me personally.

V4. You said that “album represents interrogations, discovery, improvement and the pleasure to discover a new world after my debut album ‘Hometown', which I made back when I still created music on instinct alone.” Listening to both albums now, do you really feel that you evolved as an artist and maybe also as person after putting all this effort into this? Did you work also on your technique or in certain areas you felt you wanted to improve in general??

Stereoclip: Yeah, I feel I've taken some really big steps along the way. For instance, I've become somewhat of an insane geek in terms of soundscaping and mixing. As far as my personal development is concerned, I think doing all these things definitely changed my perspective on a few things.

V5. What tools, instruments or programs do you use for recording and creating your own tracks?

Stereoclip: Mostly, I've used Ableton, a Roland Juno60-106, a Roland SH 101, a Korg M1 and various samples.

V6. Any future plans regarding releases, records or collaborations in 2019 you can already reveal to us? Maybe some small hints?

Streoclip: Not yet. I'm currently focusing on improving my live set and promoting my album.

V7. Is there any artist you really admire these days? Maybe someone you would like to work with together on a new track?

Stereoclip: Moderat. The level these guys work on is incredible. Also, I think it would be awesome to make a track with Rihanna, simply because her voice is just outstanding and because it would become a hit for sure.

V8. How do you spend your time when you're not all about music? Any hobbies or side activities while you're taking a break from recording or performing?

Streoclip: When I'm not in the studio or on the road, I like to chill with my friends, talk to a girl called Katherine, do some sports (badminton, football, running, swimming) or fly with some small planes.

V9. Thank you for your time and we hope you will keep doing your thing in the future. Any final words you want to share with the Viralbpm readership?

Streoclip: Thanks for the interview. If you have one hour of driving ahead of you, you should considering raising the volume and playing my album. I promise it´s not going to be loss of time.

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