Lopezhouse debut on Suara

Lopezhouse debut on Suara with remixes by Sascha Funke

After releasing their work on labels such as DiynamicDirtybird, Kittball, Exploited and Bedrock, the Spanish duo Lopezhouse returns with its debut in the always influential label Suara. Stream/Buy the offerings of debut on Suara with remixes by Sascha Funke here.

For this occasion, the unstoppable electronic duo brings ‘Motorik’ to life, a long, original track that takes into an extensive mental trip with a duration of more than 10 minutes. The adventure begins with two main elements: a rhythmic base on which a dreamy atmosphere lays on.

The track develops progressively, incorporating different elements until they overlay into a complex composition. When it seems like it has come to an end, make a 180° turn to an unexpected outcome, showing once again their extraordinary ability to surprise the listener with their inimitable creations.

The EP grows exponentially with two great remixes, both at the hands of the german master Sascha Funke. The first remix, tagged as “Hard House”, is a track with an epic and dreamlike character, whereas the closing track is tagged as “Rave”, making its raw and sharp nature perfectly clear.

Listen to debut on Suara with remixes by Sascha Funke below and tell your thoughts in the comments.

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