STMPD RCRDS drops 'Latency' by Martin Garrix & Dyro

STMPD RCRDS drops ‘Latency’ by Martin Garrix & Dyro

Day 3 of this week's Amsterdam Dance Event and he 3rd STMPD RCRDS‘ free release from Martin Garrix! Even though we're waiting for this Wednesday and ‘Waiting for Tomorrow', here's his collaboration that many fans of the young prodigy Dutch waited: ‘Latency' with Dyro.

At the first listening of this track, one directly feels a big influence of this last one. After several listenings, we can confirm that this release bears the imprint of Wolv Records boss ostentatiously: a break that reminds the first notes of his past at Revealed, but a drop of a rather phenomenal power, whose structure reminds (but rather far away) the very energetic “Against All Odds” by , released in November 2014.

After ‘Breach‘ and ‘Yottabyte‘, here is finally a very qualitative and energetic track, which signs the 3rd release on the 5 of planned this week. We are still waiting impatiently for ‘Waiting for Tomorrow' which should see the light on Friday!

Listen to ‘Latency' below and download it here for free.

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