Basto is back with the brand new "Sunrise/Shut Your Eyes EP"

Basto is back with the brand new “Sunrise/Shut Your Eyes EP”

Belgian producer Basto is back after a long hiatus with the brand new “Sunrise/Shut Your Eyes EP”, out via Big & Dirty Recordings. Fused with his uplifting piano chords the release travels through magnificent times when Avicii‘s “Bromance/Love You Seek” sparked and inspired so many young producers worldwide.

After some well-received remixes for well-known artists. Among them,  and Sander Van Door. However, Basto gained international fame through his successful dance hit, “Again and Again” and “Gregory's Theme” in 2011.

Jef Martens known by his stage name Basto, sometimes stylized as Basto!, specializes in Electro House music. He is also been known various aliases such as Bitch Boys, Candyman, Dirty Bunch, DJ Basik, Jin Sonic, of Porn and Lazy Jay.

Basto started DJing in 2005. He found local success in Belgium and the Netherlands through “Rock With You”. Later on he released his cooperation with Peter Luts in “On My Own” in 2008. Then Basto! drops the exclamation mark from his name and keeps his alias as Basto.

Listen to “Sunrise/Shut Your Eyes EP” below and tell in you feel nostalgic about those times.

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