Malarkey Interview: Exclusive Talk With UK Fast-Rising Talent

 is a UK bound fast-rising talent that picked up electronic music production at the tender age of 11. The self-taught DJ/producer quickly developed a signature sound that gained him support from the likes of music heavyweights, such as TiëstoDiploMartin GarrixOliver Heldens and Don Diablo, just to name a few. He blends different elements and plays around with different genres, including Disco and Funky House with Deep House influences. Fresh of his latest release on Mixmash Deep titled “Heartburn” Viralbpm hosts an interview with Malarkey, to talk about his musical inspirations, favorite artists and much more. Read Interview below and make sure to follow his social accounts.

V1. Can you tell us a bit about how the track came about?

: Thank you! The track was started late 2016 actually, and it was based around that first chord sequence you hear in the track. At the time I was really interested in blending the organic sounds like the guitar line and the bass together to create something more than just a standard EDM record, as there are just some grooves and sounds that can’t be captured from a plugin or synth! It was nice putting in all these elements that just aren’t heard too much anymore – a 32 bar synth solo instrumental section being one of them. This may be a little jarring to some at first, especially as I’m not following the conventional Break / Build Up / Drop structure used all the time in Dance music. I really hope people like the switch though – I just love doing what feels natural to me!

V2. Who or what genre is your musical inspiration these days?

: That’s a tough one – there’s a lot! I always point to Disclosure as being one of my biggest influences a few years back, and they’re still as good as ever. I love that they combine so many different and influences. There’s a lot of repetitive stuff out there and it can become a real risk to just follow trends. I’ve been really influenced by the real heatwave of Tech House we’ve had recently. People like Guz, Dawn, Fisher and more have been on my playlist this summer! In my downtime, I also love listening to music across the spectrum from D&B, Disco and Pop.

V3. If we are talking about musical influences or genres these days in the industry, could you do a little prediction as to where music is evolving to?

: Totally – As previously mentioned, I think Tech House has a big chance of being the next big genre that the EDM scene latches onto. “Fisher – Losing It” has just taken this summer by storm, it’s crazy. I think we’re gonna keep going deeper for sure (or Tech House will go harder, whichever way you want to look at it). If you also listen to the quality of EDM production recently compared to 5-10 years ago, it’s staggering to see how far it’s come on in such a short time, and I don’t think anyone’s talking about that! I’d love to see Disco return a bit too. I went to Glitterbox at Hi Ibiza this summer and it was just the craziest experience. If Disco made a triumphant return, I would definitely not complain.

V4. With whom would you like to work with in the future if you could choose anyone?

: Nice question! Disclosure would 110% be up there. This list for me could be endless actually. I’ve been listening to loads of Ariana Grande’s new album recently and she’s just fantastic – always loved her, so to produce a record for her would be a dream. Doing something more in the EDM sphere with artists like Bolier, Oliver Heldens or Tiesto would be amazing too. They’re all at the top of their game production wise currently. would be a final choice too, he’s always been a bit of an idol for me.

V5. Would you rather have a global radio hit, or be able to play every instrument in the world upon touching it? (and why)

: Simple – Global radio hit. Playing every instrument in the world would be cool but honestly why would I need that when you can get most of them on Kontakt? Maybe that’s a really trashy point of view, but at the end of the day, a global radio hit would be career making. I know people who can practically play every instrument in the world. However, it in no way means that they have a career in music, or are successful. Having your tune on the radio in every country in the world? That’s success.

V6. How did you get into music anyway?

Malarkey: I started around 11 when I picked up a guitar. I got into that actually by rinsing Guitar Hero 2 on PS2 as a kid and wanted to do the real thing. From there, I was frontman of a band around 12 years old, and kept that going for about 4-5 years, which was great fun and it immediately gave me tonnes of confidence in terms of playing live and developing my own live shows. I started producing around 13 when I got my first laptop. At first as a duo at my school with one of my best friends; then decided to go at it solo around 3 years ago. I’ve never looked back since!

V7. And, are you still studying or are you fully focussed on music production / DJing?

Malarkey: I’m in my final year at university at Bath Spa studying Commercial Music – I don’t talk about being at uni much publically, but it’s fun. The course allows me to do everything in terms of producing/DJing/meetings/writing camps that I need to, which is awesome and the lecturers are all great musicians. I’ll be looking forward to leaving and pursuing music full time in July next year though!

V8.  Your happy track of this moment is?

Malarkey: It’s Guz & Tough Love – Dancin’ Kinda Close.

I think Tech House has a big chance of being the next big genre that the EDM scene latches onto.”

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