Kevin Courtois - Uncertainty

Kevin Courtois & Lexy Panterra release “Uncertainty” [Video]

One of dance music's most promising talents hails from the city of Paris and goes under the moniker of Kevin Courtois. The talented producer has teamed up with pop sensation, Lexy Panterra, closing out the summer with another captivating production titled ‘Uncertainty' – out now. Stream/Purchase Kevin Courtois – Uncertainty feat. Lexy Panterra here.

Courtois has continuously carved out an incomparable lane for himself. With melodic crossover music that has grabbed the attention of fans across the planet with millions of streams across his discography. ‘Kevin Courtois – Uncertainty' marks the his fifth official single release in 2018. It also follows ‘Let Me In' alongside Luke Edgemon and his most recent offering, ‘Settle'. Lexy Panterra is best known for her choreography videos on YouTube. Many of them have gone viral and amassed hundreds of millions of views. She is now on her way to dominate the music sphere; with a powerful combination of stunning vocals and lyrical capability.

Moreover, Courtois and Panterra prove their artistic prowess once again with the latest emotive song from his catalogue. Furthermore, he utilizes the defining tropical sound that has pegged him as one-to-watch. A delicate guitar-driven melody layered over a set of purely intoxicating vocals that speak on overcoming ambiguity in a one's life. The chorus allows for a brisk pace change to add a dance-infused flair to the track, touting mild drum patterns and calming harmonies. Lending her lush vocals to the cut, this will mark Lexy Panterra's follow-up release since ‘Peace Sign'. A viral sensation which was shared by thousands of people across the internet. The dancer-turned-singer is well on her way to becoming an internationally recognized superstar.

The release of ‘Kevin Courtois – Uncertainty' is arriving with a euphoric music . Panterra and Courtois star vand give fans a visual cue behind the meaning of his intentions with the track.

Kevin Courtois has kept himself more than occupied this summer. His previous release ‘Settle', which aimed to help listeners deal with painful heartbreak, recently received a glorious remix treatment. Five fellow up & coming producers in TEEMID, St. Humain, Natty Rico, Vincent Daubas and finally Lucas Ariel. They took their shot at refreshing ‘Settle' to give it a diverse blend across all genres of electronic dance music. Slowly but surely, Kevin Courtois is transforming himself into a household dance act. He continues to blend pop and tropical elements in a way that only a handful of artists have successfully done before.

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