Rux & Bedmar - Bloom

Rux & Bedmar – Bloom: The Spanish duo return to Size Records

Spanish duo Rux & Bedmar, who graced Steve Angello‘s highly-regarded label with “Set Me Free” late in 2017, return on Size Records to deliver a high quality track titled “Bloom”. Rux & – Bloom is a track with an uplifting trancey melody with their signature heavy brasses. Stream/Purchase it here.

The Spanish talents reveal also an ascending atmosphere throughout the entire song. Rux & Bedmar – Bloom is completed by a melancholic male vocal.

Moreover, Rux & Bedmar recently premiered exclusively via Dance Rebels, “Gravity” feat. Aves Volare. We can safely say that is one among the finest house tracks of the 2018 summer season; with an intense, space-aged theme surrounding the entire track.

However, with releasing impressive music lately, “Bloom” is not only a proof of the great mastery of the young duo when it comes to shaping emotions, but also an inspiring turn to a revolution of genres.

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