Futuristic Polar Bears

Futuristic Polar Bears – Exclusive Interview With Powerhouse British Trio

Constantly broadening their Big Room horizons, powerhouse British trio Futuristic Polar Bears are the living proof that the genre that once ruled the electronic music world a few years back is making an undeniable return in the current era. Futuristic Polar Bears have already built up an extremely impressive discography since forming at the beginning of the decade, having releases on some of the biggest labels in all of the electronic music and massive collaborations with artists such as Henry Fong, Wolfpack, Maddix, Sandro Silva, Mattn and the  family. Bound to make music and play without any boundaries or rules, Luke, Rhys, and Fran decided to launch their own imprint  and expand their current impressive discography. Viralbpm sat down with Futuristic Polar Bears to talk about their brand new label, future releases, and touring plans.

V1. We obviously have to talk about your newest massive release with Yves V, called “Running Wild”. How did the collaboration with happen? Could you tell us a few things about the creative process of the track?

Futuristic Polar Bears: It was great to work with Yves and he’s such a cool guy! We actually started talking about the track back in 2016 and went back and forth quite a few times trying out different ideas. However, we finally decided on this version in early 2018 and then Yves secured the awesome vocal from PollyAnna which really bought the track to life! We road tested it on a recent tour of the states and the crowd reaction was huge, so we knew we were onto a winner! Its great to be back on Spinnin as well as they are an amazing label to work with! Rest assured we’re already working on a follow up as well!

V2. You are currently preparing quite a few things with your new imprint for the future. What should we and your fans, in general, expect from this move during the next months?

Futuristic Polar Bears: We launch on the 27th of July with a huge collab that is going to blow everybody away. The Ethos behind CMMD is to release music we love to make and play without any boundaries or rules and expect a lot of our friends making an appearance on the label too. We are so excited!

V3. How did you decide in proceeding with the founding of your own imprint? Any special story behind the origin of CMMD you would like to share with us?

Futuristic Polar Bears: We love working with the labels we do, and we’ll continue to do that, but we wanted to start our own label to release a lot more music. It’s been frustrating for us and our fans that some releases have taken a while to come out or not at all because of the red tape you sometimes have to go through so having our own imprint will ensure a lot more releases from us!

V4. Any other future plans regarding touring and live shows?

Futuristic Polar Bears: We’re currently writing this interview whilst sitting in Mumbai Airport in the middle of our tour so yes we’ll be touring plenty across the summer. We’ll be heading to as well as another Asia tour taking in some of our favorite cities as well as summer shows in Ibiza at Eden this summer that’ll we’re really excited about!

V5. How did you come up with the name “Futuristic Polar Bears” and when did you decide to record your own stuff as a group?

Futuristic Polar Bears: We came up with the name whilst watching the TV one night firstly a program about polar bears and straight after a program about Space and Fran randomly came out with it haha. We’re also keen advocates of the WWF and actually sponsor a polar bear.

V6. Anything particular you like to do when you’re not working on your new songs? Any hobby or something else you like to do during your more laidback time?

Futuristic Polar Bears: Fran is really into fitness and nutrition, so you can usually find him in the gym and spending time with his family outside of work. Myself and Rhys are big Football fans supporting our teams (Blackburn Rovers and Swansea City)/ We also like to watch boxing and follow Lewis Hamilton in the Formula 1.

V7. It was great to have you featured here on our website and we wish you all the best during your upcoming projects. Any final words you want to share with our readership?

Futuristic Polar Bears: Thanks for having us! Please make sure to check out our CMMD launch on the 27th July as well as future releases on 20th July on Maxxximize and August we’re back on with a huge track alongside MATTN and Olly James!

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